I am Karl-Heinz Kroenig, a passionate software-developer busy with system-, database and website development.

In my freetime I play with my cats and make videos and photos if I can find the time.

In then next paragraphs I will describe a few projects I where busy with (at my own)


Filebased searchengine

In the last days I have developed a local searchengine including online-/local crawler using indexed tuples. Developed in C# using VS 2015 it can be used to search for single words or phrases in any language. It searches quite fast (less than 1 ms on about 4800 documents and provides a preview of the paragraph in the search results.

Latest (2018/12/30):
Searchengine integrated in the multilanguage CMS-Website "".



In the last few month I where busy creating a very sophisticated Mediaplayer, simply because I love music and good movies and I really believe that music can overcome all borders, nationalities and religions. Music is the key to humanity!

KMediabrowser has its own website, so if you are interested, click here to get more informations.

And why I have started that project?

1. Speed

I wanted for all media, be it image, movie or music one single application, which plays and converts them all. I did not accepted anymore, that for every kind of media another program opens. Of course many of these programs are highly functional but crappy to use. And they mostly handle only one file. For another movie for example I have to choose "File/Open/Select" or completely leave that program and select a file in the windows Fileexplorer. Too much time, if you want to find some clips and music pieces from hundreds of files.

2. Functionality

That  application has an integrated file browser, a search- and tagging engine, which allows me to organize and find a given file in milliseconds, even on Terabyte drives with thousands and tenthousands of media files. It plays a selected file or online media than in the integrated player and also converts media to another format. All just a click away. Even sharing will be possible: You can see what I see. (Peer2Peer)


Behind that is finally a lot of work and know-how. 

First of all, its a standard windows application, who plays and shows media files using 3rd party technology (LibVLC, FFMPeg, ImageMagik etc.). Many components like the filebrowser with integrated fileview and the fully encrypted json-based Online Communication components I had to create myself, because I could not find anything ready to go.

During that also this bootstrap-based database driven web presence has been created and all content you see here, comes from a cms like multilanguage capable backend, I have created myself during that time. It allows change and / or add, delete content at any time from all over the world, while those changes are immediately visible on the website.

My goal was a website which looks just perfect on all possible devices, be it TV screen or smartphone.

Document Management

And because - how to say? - I had a quite unhappy year in 2017 and the mountains of incoming letters became higher and higher, I decided to create an electronic document management system. 

Which enables me to scan all incoming letters, tag and name them and extract important informations like email, phone-number, amount of involved money or bank-account informations thanks to highly advance OCR techniques and store all that in a database driven "book store".

Developped under Visual Studio 2015 that became after relatively short time (2 weeks or so) a valuated helping tool for me to deal with my office stuff and to find important documents in milliseconds, whenever I needed something. For me the time to deal with mountains of paper is over!

Short Video here:


And me as a person?

If we leave technique and professional life by side, I think I am an absolute animal nut and humanist. I know, that somebody may think, I am naive but I do not mind.

I love music (yes, you remember? Music was my first love by John Miles from 1976) and good movies, loved walking with my doggy, which is dead now. Love talking with nice and friendly people and all, I may will discover with the time. Yes, and I love my job (which is a bit dangerous for me, I know).


I love working and I think I can be very productive and enthusiastic.

I am happy to work on Code to archive interesting challenges. With now more than 15 years experience as a developer and webdesigner I have done already tons of projects. 

Working in agile teams is not only proposed but also necessaire on complex projects.

I feel 'at home' using Visual Studio coding in C#, Html, CSS and Javascript. I like working with 3rd party toolboxes like Telerik (Progress) or Devexpress. I was developing for years with Delphi (today: Embarcadero) and switched 2005 to dot.NET C# for a project at Motorola. Also I was developing with dot.NET VB for a project. 



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Welcome on my new website. You will find informations about me, my developer projects and my passions on the following pages.

Have fun!



Just created a fully featured file-based search-engine in Visual-Studio 2015 / C#. I can crawl online websites as well as local files of all formats (using iFilter technology). A typical search takes than less than 1 milliseconds (on ~ 5000 files)

The search and indexing can be compiled completely in an application or by providing a webservice. 


Because I love internet radio so much and because I where so busy in the last time creating the ULTIMATIVE mediaplay, I have spent another few days to build a sophisticated radio website

Its small, has some extra functionality like cast on chrome devices and - it works!